First Impressions: How To Design A Rental Home That Potential Renters Can't Resist


When it comes to rental units, making a great first impression can mean the difference between a client who is ready to sign the rental agreement and one who never calls back. Rental units and homes that remain empty for long periods of time mean less income for you and more time spent showing the unit to other potential renters. Making your rental home attractive to clients isn't difficult when you keep a few basic tips in mind.

5 December 2018

First Impressions Matter — 4 Steps To Designing Your Reception Area


The reception desk area is one of the first parts of your business that visitors will see. So it has to make the right impression. How can you help ensure that your own reception area does that? Here are four steps to creating the right look. Decide on a Feeling. Rather than focusing on specific colors, fabrics, or desks at this stage, start by determining what feeling and mood you want the space to convey.

10 April 2018