Interior Design 101: 4 Tips For Blending Modern With Vintage


Your home décor should reflect your personality. If you are like most people, you probably have many facets to your personality and style. While you might think that your home décor needs to be matching, it doesn't. Blending two styles together can actually create a very dramatic and beautiful look. If you enjoy both modern and antique pieces, you're in luck. These two styles blend together very well and provide a unique look for any room.

9 May 2016

4 Tips For Buying Living Room Furniture


Buying new living room furniture can be a fun and exciting event. But buying new furniture on a whim is not always a great idea. Knowing what you want and having a budget in mind will help you prevent making a mistake when purchasing new living room furniture. Use the following tips to ensure that you are satisfied with your furniture buying experience: Know The Dimensions Of Your Living Room

16 March 2016

Going Minimalist: 4 Pieces Of Furniture To Get Rid Of


Everyone these days seems to be decluttering and making their lives simpler. This includes their interior design, where they are ridding themselves of unnecessary furnishings that take up space and create more areas to collect junk and dust. If you are heading toward a minimalist lifestyle, many of your traditional furniture pieces can be replaced with space-saving alternatives that give your home a cleaner look. Wraparound Sectional Sofa Unless you frequently have a dozen friends over, or you are literally a couch potato who eats, sleeps and lives in front of the television, you really don't need a huge sofa.

17 February 2016

Back Pain? Keep These Three Tips In Mind When Shopping For A New Mattress


When you're suffering from back pain, every night can be an ordeal as you toss and turn in what's too often a futile effort to sleep soundly. While seeking medical care can help correct the cause of your pain, it's also advantageous to think about buying a mattress that's better suited to you. If you're currently sleeping on a mattress that is saggy or otherwise not conducive to your back condition, all the medical care in the world might not help to improve your situation.

25 January 2016

The Shoes Blues: Ways To Create Shoe Storage In Your Home


If you live in an older building or if you have a small apartment in general, closet space can be difficult to come by. One of the many spaces that will be at a premium is floor space. For this reason, you may have issues storing your shoes. While storing your shoes inside of closed boxes or underneath your bed is a possibility, having shoes inside of an enclosed space while damp or wet can cause rot and damage to the shoes.

6 January 2016

Take Control of Your Sleepless Night: 3 Reasons a New Mattress May Help You Sleep Better


After counting sheep, sipping calming tea, and lying in the dark for hours, you still can't get to sleep. If that's a scenario that's all too familiar with you, you may want to talk to a health care professional about the problem. For many people who battle sleepless nights, one simple solution is getting a new mattress. You may be surprised to learn how a new mattress can help you get a better night's sleep.

18 December 2015

How To Choose A Sofa To Last A Lifetime


Your sofa is the anchoring piece in your living room, and it takes a lot of wear, tear and abuse. If you are going to invest in any one piece of furniture in your home, it should be your sofa. Buying a quality sofa isn't as easy as going by the name brand and price, however. You have to go underneath the surface to find out if the sofa you want is built to last.

25 November 2015