How To Buy A Sofa That Will Last


The biggest staple piece of furniture in your living room is your couch. Not only is it the largest thing that people see when they walk in your door but it's also the thing that's used most. When you are shopping for a new couch, it can be tricky because while one may look better than another, another one may be higher quality. Because you don't want to have to buy a new couch every couple of years, you want to look for a piece that will last. 

Consider the Frame

Big box retailers may sell sofas for really affordable prices, but the frames they come may not be as durable as you need. When you are choosing a couch, look at the frame or ask to see what it looks like. Is it made out of solid wood or metal? How is it held together? Is it held together with staples, screws, or glue? If you want a frame that's going to last, either get one that is made of metal and screws or that is made out of solid hardwood. If a couch is made from particleboard or plywood, it won't work for you. 

Consider the Cushions

The one thing you're going to feel when you sit down on a couch to relax is the quality of the cushions. The last thing you want is to lean back into a couch cushion and have it feel like you're leaning against a rock. Look for cushions that are both polyester and down-filled. Why? Because the polyester will help the cushion maintain its form, while the down and feathers will add the comfort and flexibility that you've been wanting. 

Don't Forget the Fabric

If you are planning on getting a couch that nobody sits on and that's only to be looked at, then fabric doesn't matter. If, however, you are wanting to actually use your sofa then choosing a high-quality, durable fabric is a must. If you have kids, then choosing a washable fabric is even better because if they spill anything on it, you can just throw it in the washing machine and call it good. Other options include fabrics that you can wipe clean with a damp cloth or that naturally repel liquids when they are spilled on it. 

You may also want to consider the manufacturer and brand. For example, you could try sitting on an Alenya sofa or La-Z-Boy loveseat to see which one you prefer. 


29 February 2020

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