Why an L-Shaped Bar Is a Good Choice for Your Home


Adding a custom bar to your basement can make this part of your home a hotspot for future gatherings with family and friends. Before you get too far into the design of the bar, you'll need to decide what shape you want it to be. Different homeowners favor different shapes when they build their custom home bars, but you may want to think strongly about an L-shaped structure. Once you've made up your mind, work with a building contractor who has experience with custom home bars, and discuss the various details that you want this project to include. Here are some reasons that an L-shaped bar is a good choice.

It Makes Conversation Easy

While there are benefits to a long, straight bar, this shape doesn't exactly work well for conversations between those who are seated at the bar. For example, if someone is seated at one end, there's no way that he or she can converse with anyone at the other end of the bar. This isn't a problem that you'll have with an L-shaped bar. This shape encourages conversation because those seated at the bar aren't so spread out. Even the people at each end of the "L" can talk across the bar to one another.

It Makes Your Job Easier

As a homeowner who has a custom home bar, you'll likely find yourself playing the role of the bartender when you have gatherings in your home. The L-shaped nature of the bar can make your job easier. Not only will you always be close to your guests to talk to them, but your drinks, glasses, and other supplies will also be within reach. If you were to build a long, straight bar, you might feel as though you'd be constantly walking back and forth to serve your guests.

It Can Take Up Less Space

While the size of the bar is obviously the biggest factor in how much space it takes up, an L-shaped structure can give you the space that you need without compromising too much of your basement. For example, while a long bar might run the entire length of one of the rooms — cutting into the room's available space in the process — an L-shaped bar can tuck neatly into one of the corners. This will give the bar a cozy feeling, while also preventing it from taking up too much of the floor space in the room.


26 November 2019

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