Signs It's Best To Repair Your Furniture Rather Than Replace It


When your couches or chairs start to fade or look a little dated, your first thought may be to replace them. However, furniture can be repaired to look like new or even be transformed into beautiful new pieces again, so don't think you have to throw out your pieces just yet.

Here are signs it's best to have your furniture repaired rather than replace it. This way, you can enjoy your living, dining, and bedroom items longer without having to spend a lot of money on costly replacements.

Your furniture isn't that old

If your pieces are fairly new but just need a few small issues taken care of, such as reupholstering or having wooden parts shined or sanded, then it's best to consider repairs over replacing these items. Repairs are often cheaper than replacing furniture pieces, especially when the main structure of these items is sound. Your furniture repair professional will give you a quote for services to help you decide if keeping your fairly new items is better than an upgrade.

Your furniture is classic or antique

Vintage, antique, and classic furniture items are nearly impossible to find again and should be repaired rather than thrown out. If your items are heirloom pieces, you have even more reason to keep them longer. A furniture specialist who does repairs will make sure upholstery and other fine touches are done to keep your pieces in good condition longer while still staying true to the classic design that is not seen in modern items.

Your furniture is expensive

If you've already invested a lot of money in purchasing and maintaining your pieces, you don't want to throw your investment away by ignoring small flaws and simply throwing these items out. It will often be more expensive to try to replace these items even with used versions of the same brand, so see if having repairs made will save you money while restoring your pricey furniture items to like-new or even better condition.

Your furniture has potential

Sometimes even hand-me-down or worn out furniture has a lot of life left as long as it receives the right professional touch. If there are things about your couches, chairs, tables, or other pieces you love — such as ornate woodwork, comfort, or even pattern designs — that you don't think you can find anywhere else, then have your furniture repair specialist give your items an inspection to see if repairs will give you more life out of the pieces you enjoy.


30 January 2019

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