First Impressions: How To Design A Rental Home That Potential Renters Can't Resist


When it comes to rental units, making a great first impression can mean the difference between a client who is ready to sign the rental agreement and one who never calls back. Rental units and homes that remain empty for long periods of time mean less income for you and more time spent showing the unit to other potential renters. Making your rental home attractive to clients isn't difficult when you keep a few basic tips in mind.

Let the entryway make an impact

Since the renter will see the front entryway first upon arriving at the rental unit, this is an area you want to be eye-catching. You want it to stand out among the other homes nearby. A great entryway impression sets the mood for the rest of the rental showing.

Make sure the walkway is clear of debris. Consider painting the entry door in an eye-catching hue, such as red, yellow, or bright blue. Add some potted plants on each side of the doorway. Make sure you have adequate lighting installed along the walkway and entryway for safety and to provide a welcoming feel.

Furnish it with modern furniture

Since you don't know what decorating style your future renters will prefer, it's best to stick with a universal style that is attractive and appealing to any personality type. With its clean lines and simple style, modern furniture is a perfect fit. Modern furnishings will match any home décor style your renters may wish to incorporate into the home.

When purchasing upholstered modern sofas and accent chairs, stick with gray, beige, and off-white that will go well with anything. This gives your renters the option of dressing up the sofa and chairs with accent pillows to create their own style.

Be conservative when it comes to walls and flooring

It's best to steer clear of bold colors when you are painting walls in your rental unit. Bright colors can be difficult to live with if you're not crazy about them and may be a real turn off for renters. Stick with basic neutrals like off-white, beige, or light gray.

Avoid carpet for your rental unit and opt for laminate, hardwood, or ceramic tile flooring that is durable and will hold up to heavy traffic. While carpet may give a room a cozy feeling, it can be difficult to maintain in a rental unit. Stained or dirty carpet may turn renters away.

Go light on decorations

It's best to let the walls and tabletops bare in your rental unit or use limited decorations. This gives the renters freedom to add their own decorative items to walls and tabletops and make the unit feel more like home.

Never underestimate the power of making a great first impression. Taking the time to make your rental unit appealing to potential renters will be worth the time and money you spend. Your renters will be happy, and you will have a steady income from your rental unit.


5 December 2018

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