First Impressions Matter — 4 Steps To Designing Your Reception Area


The reception desk area is one of the first parts of your business that visitors will see. So it has to make the right impression. How can you help ensure that your own reception area does that? Here are four steps to creating the right look.

Decide on a Feeling. Rather than focusing on specific colors, fabrics, or desks at this stage, start by determining what feeling and mood you want the space to convey. What is your target clientele? What impression do you want them to get about your company? What kind of energy do you want the reception space to have? Do you want it to feel relaxing, energetic, vibrant, creative, or imposing? Use this information as a road map to decide how to promote that feeling as you build the reception area. 

Choose a Color Scheme. Color has a lot to do with mood and personality, so decide on a basic color scheme next. Learn a little about color theory and how it relates to mood. Red, for example, is often considered an energetic color while blue is considered to invoke stability. Some materials will feed into the color scheme, so it's a good idea to consider whether you want things like glass, chrome, wood, or metal accents. If you have a company logo and brand, you'll likely want to work those elements into the reception area as well. 

Place the Desk. The reception desk itself should be the focal point of the area, so choose this next. The look and feel of the desk will help inform the rest of the furniture. Do you want a large and imposing desk, or a small and friendly space? Do you want a modern, welcoming desk or a cozy, traditional one? What does the desk need to incorporate, such as a phone bank, multiple employees, or security monitors? How will visitors enter the space and approach the receptionist? 

Complement with Furnishings. Once you have the colors down and have chosen a main reception desk that suits you, fill out the rest of the room with complementary furnishings. Look for all the furniture you'll need at one time so that you can create a cohesive room. This will likely include chairs, tables, artwork, signage, and decorative accents. You may want to opt for about twice the number of waiting chairs as you normally expect visitors at a single time. 

This progression of decision making will help you design the right space to welcome visitors into your company. It will surely provide the best first impression you can make. Talk to a knoll furniture dealer for more help.


10 April 2018

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