Seating Section: Sectional Sofa Selection 101


If you've been salivating over an "oh so chic" sectional sofa, you are far from alone. This versatile seating choice has burst on the scene and shows no sign of waning popularity. The best thing about them? The options. No matter what size you seek, no matter what your decorating style runs to and no matter the size of your budget, you are certain to find just the right sectional for you. All the choices available can act as a double edged sword, however; here is how pick the best one for you.

In this case, size does matter.

Some sectional pieces can be simply enormous, and it's super annoying not to notice that until it's installed in your living room. Luckily, you can pick and choose how many pieces you want based on your room size, but you may need to take some more steps to ensure that the scale of the pieces fit in to your plan. If your room is on the smaller side, don't rule a sectional out. In fact, the sleek look of having a couch, chaise, ottoman and chair in one can unify a small space and give it an airy feel. Lots of separate pieces will surely lead to a cluttered look.

The key to choosing the correct size can be found in both the scale of the pieces and in your friend, the tape measure. If you have cavernous space to fill, go ahead and pick that sectional that goes on for miles or that has overstuffed gigantic arms. If you are going to be fitting out something more in the normal realm, however, look for pieces that have a lot less padding on the backs and arms and that is not too tall. Make sure to measure your living room space before you go to the showroom floor. Sofas that look perfectly normal in a large showroom may not look as tidy in your living space.

If you are handy with grafting paper, try converting those measurements to scale and create a plan of your living room. This will allow you to predict how much space your new furniture addition will take up. You can also find room planning websites that let you plug in some measurements and furniture pieces. Some of these sites even provide you with a 3-D view of your new room. Don't forget to allow enough room in between pieces of furniture for walking ease. Experts advise you to leave about 24" between pieces.

More choices when it comes to configurations.

With some modern furniture sectionals, there is virtually no end to the mix-and-match variety of configurations, but most sectionals tend to come in these three most common styles:

1. L-shaped: This is what most people think of when you say "sectional" and it usually consists of a sofa section and a love seat section jointed by a pie shape in the corner. Recently, the love seat section is taking a back seat to a chaise instead.

2. U-shaped: This shape is self-explanatory and works well in larger rooms. It usually contains three sofas and two corner pieces.

3. Modular: Perfect for the creative types, you can create an endless variety depending on how many pieces you buy.



27 January 2017

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