Recliner Option Guide


A recliner is often the favorite chair in a room, since it is specifically designed to provide a level of perfect comfort for everything from reading and watching TV, to a quick afternoon nap. Not all recliners are created equally, though. The following guide can help you understand the different types of recliners so you can choose the best one for your home.

Base Options

The base of the recliner helps define some of its functionality. You have three main options:

  • Fixed base – this base does not rock or swivel. It works well if you want a sturdy recliner that doesn't move or shift when the user is getting in or out of it. Fixed bases are often preferred by the elderly or those with mobility issues, since it is easier to keep your balance when standing up if the recliner doesn't move.

  • Rocker base – a rocker base either rocks or glides back and forth. Choose a rocker base if you want a rocker option, such as if you have young children that you will be rocking in the chair sometimes. Keep in mind that the recliner can't generally be used as a rocker when it is in reclining mode.

  • Swivel base – a swivel base does just that. By swiveling back and forth the user can change up the area of the room they are focusing upon. Swivel bases can also be combined with a rocker base, if desired.

Reclining options

When it comes to reclining, you must choose between fixed reclining points or fluid reclining points. Fixed reclining points means that the recliner only has two or three settings that it can recline to. A fluid recliner moves smoothly so that you can stop it at any position between minimum and maximum reclining.

Another option is flat reclining. This means that the chair can recline to a perfectly flat position. This work well if you like to use the chair for napping or resting while laying down.

Mechanical options

This is the power versus manual debate. A powered recliner uses a button or remote control to recline. Powered versions are often chosen by those with arthritis or other conditions that make using a the lever of a manual recliner difficult.

Opt for a manual recliner if you prefer to skip the need for electricity to use your chair. Manual chairs are also less expensive than the powered versions, in most cases.

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8 November 2016

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