Furnishing A Shared Bedroom For Your Kids? 3 Features To Include


Furnishing a bedroom for your children to share can be a major task to take on since it often comes with a lot of choices regarding how to make the best use of the space in the bedroom. If you're eager to furnish their bedroom without making the mistake of making the room even more cramped then it already is, it's important that you look into what kinds of features you can include. When visiting a furniture store, make sure to look into the following pieces of furniture so that space is maximized and so that your children will enjoy their shared bedroom.

Bunk Bed or Trundle Bed

Since the beds themselves are likely going to take up a ton of room in the bedroom, it's best to look into getting a bunk bed or trundle bed instead. While both beds are efficient enough to take up only the footprint of a single bed, one has the option of providing access to both beds at all times, while a trundle bed means one bed will be hidden when the room is being used during the day.

To make the decision of which one is best, make sure that you talk to your kids to check if both of them are afraid of crawling onto the top bunk. If this is the case, you can opt for a trundle bed instead since it keeps both kids near the ground when sleeping.

Lofted Bed with Space Underneath

If you have the square footage for each bed to take up space on the floor of the bedroom, you may want a lofted bed instead. What a lofted bed will do is provide space underneath each bed for anything from a reading nook to desk or even a storage space for a dresser. While it is possible to DIY a loft bed, it's safest to simply opt for a pre-built loft bed from a local furniture store instead.

Furniture with Extra Storage Space

When choosing other pieces of furniture for your kid's shared bedroom, it's a good idea to pick only furniture that provides multiple purposes. Storage is something you'll likely be in desperate need of when furnishing the bedroom due to the clothing, toys, and other items your kids likely have accumulated. To make a shared bedroom clutter-free, you'll need to furnish the space with an expansive dresser and other furniture that provides hidden storage.

Visiting a furniture store with the needs of your kids in mind can help you pick furniture that works great in a shared bedroom. 


2 August 2016

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