Three Tips For Caring For Your Wood Furniture


High-quality pieces of furniture can help to greatly improve the appearance of your home. However, there are many steps that are needed to keep furniture safe from some of the more common forms of damage, and many homeowners overlook some of these steps. To help you avoid this problem, you should make sure to utilize the following three furniture care tips.

Address Any Scratches Soon After They Form

Scratches can be a fairly routine problem for your wood furniture to encounter. While minor scratches might not seem like a serious problem, these scratches can allow moisture to get into the interior of the wood. This may contribute to rotting, but you will find that you can help to avoid this problem by using a wood filler to repair scratches soon after they form. For those that are concerned about the wood filler being visible, it is possible to match the filler to the rest of the wood by applying a fresh stain to the furniture.

Keep The Furniture Out Of Direct Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to intense sunlight can be a major source of wear and tear on the furniture that many people may overlook. This exposure can cause the color pigments in the wood to start to breakdown. Additionally, it is possible for the sunlight to excessively dry out the wood. To minimize this risk, you will want to keep the furniture out of the sunlight. If you are unable to move the furniture far enough away from windows to avoid this exposure, you should consider placing a tint on the window or applying a protective finish to the furniture.

Use Microfiber Cloths For Dust The Furniture

Dusting the furniture is among the more routine tasks that you will need to do for your furniture. Unfortunately, it is possible for you to inadvertently scuff the furniture when doing this because the fibers in the cloth can be rough enough to dig into the wood. Luckily, you can help to avoid this problem by making it a point to use a microfiber cloth. These cloths are extremely soft, which will help to avoid causing these small scratches. Additionally, microfiber generates a small amount of static electricity that can help it to better hold onto the dust particles.

Caring for your home's wood Stickley furniture does not have to be a difficult task. By ensuring that you are repairing any scratches as soon as they form, keeping the furniture out of direct sunlight and using a microfiber cloth to clean, you can protect your wood furniture from common sources of damage.


11 July 2016

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