Going Minimalist: 4 Pieces Of Furniture To Get Rid Of


Everyone these days seems to be decluttering and making their lives simpler. This includes their interior design, where they are ridding themselves of unnecessary furnishings that take up space and create more areas to collect junk and dust. If you are heading toward a minimalist lifestyle, many of your traditional furniture pieces can be replaced with space-saving alternatives that give your home a cleaner look.

Wraparound Sectional Sofa

Unless you frequently have a dozen friends over, or you are literally a couch potato who eats, sleeps and lives in front of the television, you really don't need a huge sofa. Think about the maximum number of people you will have over at one time and for what occasion. You may be able to replace that monstrosity and create a lovely conversation area with a love seat and a couple of comfortable chairs. Stash away a few folding chairs for times when you need extra seating, or just use your dining room chairs.

Sofa End Tables

End tables are nice for giving your guests a place to put their drinks, but they aren't necessary. If you need extra lighting, a pole lamp or pendant lamp will do, and a cute set of nesting tables can be pulled out when needed to provide a place for those drink glasses and personal items.

Entertainment Center

Back in the days of monster-sized televisions, a healthy collection of VCR tapes and DVDs with their attendant players and large multi-component stereo systems, entertainment centers were a necessity. Now, most televisions hang on the wall, and videos and music are collected on computers and thumb drives. There really is no excuse for that big, hulking piece of furniture taking up space in your living room. If you feel the space under your television looks bare, accent it with a small 3-drawer chest or cube system that is useful as well as appealing.


Unless you are an ardent collector of first editions that you like to have within easy view, ask yourself if you really need all those books you've been hoarding for years. If the answer is no, pick out the ones you can't live without and find new homes for the rest of them. Instead of keeping all your remaining books in one place, tuck a few here and there around the house as bits of decor, or install a simple, small floating bookshelf in an unused corner to hold them all.

If you are not sure how to replace your unnecessary pieces of furniture, your local furniture store may have a designer who you can hire to come out and make suggestions. Once you have all that cleared space, you can fill it with more useful and less obtrusive pieces. Contact a business, such as Montana Expressions, for more information.   


17 February 2016

Redecorating My Place

A few months ago, I realized that my home looked really drab and boring. I didn't want to deal with the frustrations of having people over to find a messy, unwelcoming home, so I decided to make a few changes. Unfortunately, after visiting the furniture store, I was left more confused than ever. I decided to do my research to discover which pieces would work the best for my new place, and it was amazing to see how much of a difference it made. I found an incredible company to help me with my furniture needs, and it made a world of difference. This blog is all about helping you to find the best furniture for your home, so that you can be comfortable in your space.