Back Pain? Keep These Three Tips In Mind When Shopping For A New Mattress


When you're suffering from back pain, every night can be an ordeal as you toss and turn in what's too often a futile effort to sleep soundly. While seeking medical care can help correct the cause of your pain, it's also advantageous to think about buying a mattress that's better suited to you. If you're currently sleeping on a mattress that is saggy or otherwise not conducive to your back condition, all the medical care in the world might not help to improve your situation. Take some time to browse a local furniture store that specializes in mattress sales and keep these three tips in mind as you shop.

Medium-Firm Softness Is Often Best For Back Pain

Although everyone with back pain can report slightly different symptoms, you can often have your back properly supported by lying on a mattress with medium-firm softness. This degree of softness is often preferable to a firm mattress. Keep in mind that your back, when it's in a natural and healthy position, has some degree of curvature to it. A firm mattress won't always support this curve, especially if you have a light body-weight that keeps you from sinking into the mattress. Meanwhile, a medium-firm mattress provides enough softness to help support your back's curve but enough firmness to prevent you from sinking in deeply and finding yourself in position that isn't friendly to your back.

Consider Your Preferred Sleeping Position

It's always important to think of how you sleep when you're shopping for a new mattress. Many people with back pain are told by their health practitioners to attempt to sleep on their backs, as doing so can help to keep the spine in proper alignment. In this position, a medium-firm mattress is suitable. If you primarily sleep on your side, a medium-firm mattress might be too hard; as such, consider a medium-soft mattress, which will allow your hip and shoulder to sink down and keep your back in alignment.

Think About Your Body Type

Your body type should also influence the mattress you buy, especially if your weight isn't equally distributed. For example, if you have a heavy upper body or a heavy lower body, their weight can sink into a softer mattress and put your spine into an awkward position. People who are heavier can often benefit from firmer mattresses as their bodies can sink into it a degree but they'll still be able to maintain a natural spine position.



25 January 2016

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