The Shoes Blues: Ways To Create Shoe Storage In Your Home


If you live in an older building or if you have a small apartment in general, closet space can be difficult to come by. One of the many spaces that will be at a premium is floor space. For this reason, you may have issues storing your shoes. While storing your shoes inside of closed boxes or underneath your bed is a possibility, having shoes inside of an enclosed space while damp or wet can cause rot and damage to the shoes. If you want to be able to easily reach your shoes, plus keep the health of your footwear, here are some furniture storage solutions.


In order to keep your shoes ready to reach, purchase a slim bookshelf from a store that has furniture sales. With a bookshelf, you can properly store shoes in their own area as necessary, and you can get the shoes in and out quickly. Bookshelves are easy to place against walls inside of rooms or hallways and allow floor-to-ceiling space. If you have moved into a home that you have bought, you may want to consider installing built-in bookshelves as a permanent shoe storage solution.

Floating Shelves

One of the major positives of a floating shelf is that these can be placed anywhere on any empty wall. If you have a number of high heels or boots, you can stagger the floating shelves to allow as much clearance as each shoe shelf needs. If you do not currently have many shoes, you should consider setting up floating shelves, then adding as necessary. This will keep your shoe storage in check, without you being tempted to place other items on open floating shelf space that should be reserved for possible shoes.

Curio Cabinet

If your shoe collection is your pride and joy, show it off and store your shoes at the same time with a curio cabinet. A curio cabinet with a glass front and a lighted display will keep your shoes in good condition and give them a pretty place to sit. A curio cabinet with a lock can also be an extra security measure if you like having expensive footwear. Remember to purchase a cabinet that has air openings on the top and bottom, so that it gets good circulation. A curio cabinet can sit in your bedroom or in the hallway near your bathroom to make it easy to get dressed each day.

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6 January 2016

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