Four Ways To Make An Old Mattress More Comfortable Until You Can Get A New One


Mattresses tend to become less comfortable as they grow older but since new mattresses can be pretty expensive, you're not always prepared to buy a new one the moment that your existing mattress ceases to be comfortable. Luckily, there are ways to make your older mattress more comfortable while you save for a new one.

Add a memory foam topper.

A memory foam topper can mimic the feeling of a full memory foam mattress when placed on a regular spring mattress. It will conform to the shape of your body, offering a bit of additional support. It will also provide an extra layer of padding between you and any springs that may be starting to expose themselves.

For best results, look for memory foam mattress toppers that are labeled "cooling," "summer-friendly," or the like. These are made with a special material that keeps you from getting too hot and sweaty when the temperature rises, which can happen with a standard memory foam topper that clings closely to your body.

Place an extra board under the mattress.

If your mattress is starting to sag in certain areas, your standard box spring may not be offering quite enough support to combat this sagging. You can address the issue temporarily by placing a sturdy sheet of plywood the size of your mattress between the mattress and the box spring. Your mattress may still have those annoying dents and dips in it, but they should be less pronounced and more tolerable.

Use an extra mattress pad cover.

If you're on a very limited budget, you can simply pick up a second mattress pad cover and place it over your mattress with your normal one. The extra layer of cotton or fleece padding may make enough difference that your mattress becomes tolerable for a few more months or weeks. You can also find some cheap, tan-colored foam mattress toppers at discount stores. They're not as amazing as memory foam toppers, but they're pretty decent for the low price.

Turn it around.

Most people remember to flip their mattress in a front-to-back fashion from time to time, but if you have dips in your mattress that are keeping you from getting a good night's sleep, try turning your mattress around so that the top is at the bottom and vice versa. You may find that the dip is in a less-annoying place after you turn the mattress around.

Keep in mind that the suggestions above are temporary fixes. When your mattress starts keeping you from sleeping well, you should work towards getting a new one as soon as possible so your health does not suffer. 


14 September 2015

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