Moving Your Old Indoor Furniture Outdoors


Purchasing new furniture for your home can leave you needing to find something to do with the old furniture. Do you send it away with the company that delivers your new furniture? Do you sell it online? Or do you find a way to repurpose it around your own home? Below, you will find tips for reusing your old indoor furniture outside to create outdoor living spaces that are unique, beautiful and usable.

Dining Room Furniture

Dining room furniture can be moved outdoors if you prepare it properly. Teak, redwood and cedar will do the best in most outdoor climates, but other hardwoods can last quite a while if you take the time to prepare the finish.

To prepare the indoor furniture for outdoor use you have two options – seal the furniture or paint the furniture.

To seal the furniture, use a few coats of deck sealant. You can use the clear to preserve the color of the furniture or you can choose from one of the many colors of tinted sealant.

To paint the furniture, sand the furniture down to the wood. This will help to ensure that the primer and paint adheres to the wood surface effectively. Once sanded, clean away the dust and apply a coat of quality exterior primer. After the primer has dried, apply at least two coats of high-quality outdoor paint. The furniture will need to be repainted every few years if left out in the elements, but will remain in great condition if you clean and care for it.

Tip: Place indoor furniture outside only in areas that don't pool water. You don't want the legs of the tables and chairs sitting in puddles or overly damp soil for long. If the area is wet, consider wrapping the legs with plastic to protect them from the moisture and prevent wood rot.


Daybeds can really make a huge statement in a yard. If the daybed is made of wood, use the same wood treatment process as listed above for the dining room furniture. If the bed is made of metal, a quick coat of rust-inhibiting spray paint will protect the bed frame from rusting.

You can leave the mattress on your daybed if you purchase a good water-resistant mattress cover. Then, you can cover the bed with bedding that can be removed and washed as needed. This will not only look nice, but will be a comfortable place to spend the cool fall evenings watching as the leaves turn.

Give your old furniture new life and create a beautiful outdoor setting that you and your family will enjoy. For more information on furniture maintenance or replacing old furniture, visit a local store such as Red House Furniture.


10 September 2015

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