Living Large -- How To Make A Home Out Of A Loft Apartment


A loft apartment -- a large undefined living space with few walls to break it up -- brings with it a lot of space and the freedom to do whatever you want with it. The downside is that with all that openness, you have to create your own "rooms" and figure out how to decorate such an abnormal area. Here are 3 ways to create a sense of home in your loft.

Define Rooms with Color

The lack of rooms inherent in a large loft space is something you can overcome by creating your own. One way to divide up the space into individual rooms is to use color. Choose a bright or bold hue for each faux room -- kitchen, bedroom, dining area, office, etc. -- and furnish around that color scheme. A large area rug and complementary-colored furniture can easily and simply define a space. It's unnecessary to paint the walls, especially because lofts often have beautiful and unique architectural features you don't want to cover up. Art, accessories, curtains and focal-point pieces will signal the room's purpose and location sufficiently.  

Divide Spaces into Rooms

If you prefer a more monochromatic or neutral palette to your apartment, you can also divide the area into rooms using other methods. Unique wood or wrought iron room dividers, available at most furniture stores, are an easy solution that also adds some personality into each space. You cold even forego dividers and use furniture to define spaces. Tall bookshelves, for example, placed side-by-side create a fake wall while also providing some storage or display space. An oversize armoire helps create a boundary for a bedroom. 

To use furniture wisely in such a large space, fight the tendency to place furniture against the walls. "Floating" furniture in rooms will create natural divisions. Place a sofa near the center facing a large window, then match it with a love seat in an "L" shape to make a simple living room. Border a dining table with two or three large buffets, one on each side, to create a dining room. 

Embrace the Eclectic

Whatever method you prefer to help create a sense of individual rooms, don't fight the uniqueness of a loft apartment. Embrace it's own individual style with complementary furnishings that surprise and delight you. A claw foot tub and vintage mirror can become a classic and beautiful dressing area. A large canopy bed will create a dramatic bedroom that needs little else to define it. Do you have a large window with lots of sunshine? Make a breakfast nook to start your day off right. The limits of your decor choices are only in your imagination.  

Living in a loft apartment is a fun, nontraditional way to live. Rather than fight its creative nature, work with your new space to embrace all it has to offer. 

For more ideas, visit furniture stores or do an online search. 


9 September 2015

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