3 Reasons To Buy Your Furniture From An Antique Dealer


When buying furniture for your home, there are a massive number of different places to go, but one place that you should seriously consider buying your furniture from is an antique dealer. Antique dealers tend to travel all over the place purchasing items from estate sales and other sources in order to be able to offer a wide range of classic products, including furniture pieces. You should consider buying furniture from an antique dealer in order to get access to quality furniture,to be able to negotiate on price, and to be environmentally friendly. 

Quality Furniture

One of the biggest reasons to buy your furniture from an antique dealer is to get your hands on furniture that was built with higher standards and more exacting care than much of the new furniture that is available. It is not uncommon to find antique furniture pieces that are made out of real wood that feels solid, which is quite refreshing when compared to the particle wood and flimsiness that is so prevalent in some new furniture. This is because many old pieces of furniture were built to last for decades, and many pieces of antique furniture may have already lasted a lifetime and still have life in them. 

Negotiate On Price

Another reason that an antique dealer can be a great source for furniture is that many antique dealers are willing to negotiate a bit on the price. This means that you could potentially talk the antique dealer into giving you a better price on a high-quality antique table than you would pay for a new table of lesser quality.

In addition, many antique dealers are also willing to negotiate on payment terms. For example, an antique dealer is often willing to allow you to place a deposit to hold a piece of furniture for a few weeks or months if you are unable to purchase it outright immediately.

Environmentally Friendly

Finally, buying antique furniture is a great way to help out the environment, as you are helping to ensure that these pieces are not going to end up in a landfill or dump. In addition, since these pieces can often last for a very long time, you are reducing the demand for more pieces of furniture to be manufactured.

Pay a visit to your local antique dealer, like Bucks County Estate Traders, in order to browse the many great furniture options that he or she has available. Antique furniture is great for anyone that wants a high quality and environmentally friendly piece of furniture. In addition, antique dealers can make it easier to get the piece that you want by being willing to negotiate on price and payment terms.


4 September 2015

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