Bedroom Truce: How To Select A Mattress For The Couple Who Can't Agree


Mattress shopping can be confusing due to the sheer amount of options available. Mattress shopping is only made more difficult when you have to take someone else's preferences into account as well. Everyone needs a good night's rest so creativity is the name of the game when it comes to couples' mattress shopping. Here are some ways to make going to the mattress store (like Abba's Mattress Outles) a less stressful endeavor for yourself and your spouse.

Consider dual firmness mattresses

Much like Goldilocks discovered, some beds are too hard, and some beds are too soft. If you and your spouse want opposite firmness, specifically request to try out mattresses that offer the dual firmness feature. Some brands create memory foam mattresses that will contain different firmness on each side of the mattress. Other brands can be customized to include more soft or firm options.

Select separate mattress toppers

If getting a dual firmness mattress is out of the budget, consider a regular pillow top mattress, then select the toppers for the mattress. You can place a firm mattress topper on one side and an eggshell topper that the soft mattress lover can sink into. Be sure to get the appropriate size mattress toppers, as the measurements for full, queen, and king beds are inches apart. Also make sure to get mattress toppers that are

Go for an electronic bed

Electronic mattresses offer separate sleep chambers and are controlled by different remotes. Electronic mattresses allow you to set firm and hard settings at your leisure. With electronic controls, you and your spouse can switch bed positions or customize your sleep experience without disrupting one another. Keep in mind that electronic mattresses tend to be more expensive than traditional mattress options. If you wish to exercise this option be sure to save up prior to mattress shopping.

Choose two XL twin mattresses

If you are unable to find a good mattress that the two of you can agree on, one option is to choose two separate XL twin mattresses. XL twin mattresses can be placed next to one another to make a king size bed. You can place the mattresses together then apply king-sized bedding on the mattresses for a cohesive look. Be aware that there may be some slack in the fitted sheets that are created for king beds. Each person choosing an XL twin mattresses can save money and allows each of you to replace your own mattress at will.


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